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We connect you to clients online

If better digital marketing results and deeper connection are on your wish list, we need to talk.

Attract more business online.

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We connect you with more clients online in 3 ways
home-help1Identify what you should be doing and how
We help you make a plan that feels right and actually helps you build and connect with an audience of qualified people.
home-help2Develop a message & plan that helps you stand out
We help you identify what’s unique in your business story and share it in a way that makes people pay attention.
home-help3Make it all work with less stress and overwhelm
Whether you need a strategic partner to point you in the right direction or a master controller, we’ve got you covered.
Cliqueworthy's Sophie Bujold is one of the brightest in the digital marketing space. Not only is she an outstanding marketer, she's also skilled in partnering with business owners to align their message to their market opportunities. In other words, she works with you to make sure that your approach matches your business goals. You really can't go wrong with a collaborative partner like that!
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We believe
results-oriented connection
leads to bigger business results.

People come first Whether with you or your audience, we strive to engage by actively listening, sharing and collaborating with people.

Connection is key In fact, it’s an essential tool in getting people to know, like and trust a business. Without it, no clients will come.

Always question and learn Our experience helps us ask the right questions to get you the right answers on how to connect more with less stress.

Transparency counts We never leave you on the sidelines. These are your people and your message. We want you to know what’s happening and next steps.


We give you permission to stop doing it all

We’re less about doing everything and more about doing more of the right things. We take your business and goals into account, then advise you on which tactics, tools and channels are right to get you there.

We go way beyond "doing social media"

While traffic, regular posts, fans and clicks are important, the results you want and your potential to resonate with people matter more. That’s what we use to help you stand out with a unique voice that offers value, excitement and surprise to your prospects.

We approach digital marketing as a whole

We don’t tackle social media, email or content in a vacuum. Rather, we make them work together like an ecosystem that creates the ideal environment for more leads, sales and profit.

We don’t do cookie-cutter

We take a creative approach to every strategy we craft rather than applying formulas and blueprints. That helps you connect with more impact and results with the people that matter most to your business.
Sophie can look at your business from a big picture standpoint, and then help you with a strategy that’s right for you. She helped me create a strategy for my Pinterest and Instagram platforms. I had an overall grasp of social media, but needed help understanding the ins and outs of these platforms as they related to my brand. I took pages of notes with all her ideas and was able to implement them right away. Sophie genuinely partners with her clients and provides well-rounded support, not just social media.
We have a great team
to make it all happen
Sophie Bujold
Sophie Bujold
Founder & Chief Strategist
Ashley Constable
Ashley Constable
Content & Social Media
Melissa Gaines
Melissa Gaines
Client & Project Support
Jen Merrill
Jen Merrill
Design Support
Freelance Friends
Freelance Friends
Specialized Support
Sophie Bujold { x }
Founder & Chief Strategist

Sophie is a seasoned online communications strategist and speaker. She taps into 15 years of digital communications experience to help service-based businesses get seen, get noticed and get clients online. A true geek at heart, Sophie adores technology of all kinds and keeps up on emerging social and digital marketing trends so you don’t have to.

As a speaker, Sophie has shared her digital marketing savvy with thousands of business owners across North America. Her work has also been published on leading media outlets such as YFS Magazine, the BizChix podcast, Firepole Marketing, and PAX Magazine.

When she’s not helping businesses get digital, you can find Sophie honing her photography skills around Vancouver or curling up with a good book while sipping a coconut green tea latte.

April Sullivan { x }
Projects & Operations Manager

April is an organization and prioritization master who keeps our team operating like a well-oiled machine. She’s a skilled business manager and the friendly sidekick who helps clients and us as we work together. With more than 15 years of experience in administrative support and business operations, she’s an essential part of our team. With an obsession for streamlining and optimizing, April hasn’t met a project or system she couldn’t wrangle. When she’s not helping us on projects, she can be found hanging out with her husband and kids in beautiful SoCal wine country.

Jen Merrill { x }
Design Support

Jen is a design and eco geek who loves the challenge of translating your ideas into one-of-a-kind creations. She’s a trained graphic artist with a special passion for letterpress printing. Over the years, she’s had the opportunity to travel the world, resulting in an eclectic and global modern style as well as a knack for relating to all kinds of people. Jen’s greatest joy is connecting with clients and bringing their personalities to life through design.

Freelance Friends { x }
Miscellaneous Support

We like to keep our team lean and mean, but sometimes we need a bit more support to deliver perfectly on your project. When that happens, we reach out to our professional clique and bring in the right experts to give us a hand.